There has been a lot of talk about some legacy servers lately. While this may be news to some...
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KnifeMu Season 19 x50 Opening December 7!

Hello, Stranger!

Thanks for choosing KnifeMu Online – brand new medium rate gaming server with latest version of the game – Season 19, including new characters, maps, events, quests, items and features.

Server x50 grand opening December 7.

(Promotion) For all new players exp increased by x2, till 35 Resets.

Opening times:
17:00 UTC +1 (Poland)
18:00 UTC +2 (Romania)
23:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam)
23:00 UTC +7 (Philippines)
13:00 UTC -3 (Argentina)
(Check countdown in website header!)

Facebook Event, Get Free 1000 W Coins:
1. Follow our Facebook page.
2. Like, Share our post on Facebook. Tag 3 friends in comments.
3. Send your account in Messenger and get 1000 W Coins!

Server provides long-term gameplay, exciting bosses drops, regular in-game events, balanced PvM and PvP settings.

Season 19 Part 1-2 brings: Grow Lancer Renewal (reworked skill trees, new skills, combat power), New Mastery Items (9th): Apocalypse Weapons and Shields, New Mastery Items (10th): Lightning (normal and ancient), New Map & Monsters: Tormenta Island, New Excellent option for shields, New Mastery Item Mixes, New Muuns, Increased maximum mastery level to 1200 (1600 total).

Every new character receive:
- Pentagram Box
- Small Wings
- 1st Lucky Ticket Set
- 2 Days Skeleton Pet & Ring
- 2 Days Scrolls
To receive them send in game commands: /startergift and /buffme.

In Blood Castle and Devil Square Events Experience boosted x2.

Server info:
Version: Season 19 (Latest)
Experience Regular: x50
Experience Master, Majestic: x50
Maximum level: 1600
Resets: 500 points each reset, stats burns, reward 10 ~ 100 WCoins, 100 Goblin Points, 500 Ruud
Additional infos on About page.

Resets Rewards:
1 Reset: Golden Fenrir (3 Days); send command: /reset1
3 Reset: Hero Elixir Penta; send command: /reset3
5 Reset: Wings of Conqueror (3 Days); send command: /reset5
10 Reset: Pet & Ring Panda (3 Days); send command: /reset10
20 Reset: Rage Earrings (L) + (R); send command: /reset20
30 Reset: Random Excellent Blood Angel Weapon; send command: /reset30
50 Reset: Golden Fenrir (3 Days); send command: /reset50
75 Reset: Ghost Horse; send command: /reset75
100 Reset: Wings of Power (7 Days); send command: /reset100
125 Reset: Ice Dragon; send command: /reset125
150 Reset: Golden Fenrir (7 Days); send command: /reset150
175 Reset: Pierce Lion; send command: /reset175
200 Reset: Shining Tail; send command: /reset200
250 Reset: Wings of Conqueror F.O. (14 Days). send command: /reset250

Support system:
With any questions, issues or suggestions you can contact us any time: Create Support Ticket or on Facebook Page.

Kind regards,
KnifeMu Team.

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