There has been a lot of talk about some legacy servers lately. While this may be news to some...
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07 OCT

Hello, dear players.

Planned maintenance will take place 7 October 17:00 ~ 17:05 (5 minutes offline). Server will be updated to latest version with all known bug fixes.

To enter game update your game client with Launcher or extract this Patch manually.

Stay tuned!

Characters in Off-Level mode are not being attacked by monsters
Wrath and selection of set options effects does not present under "C" window for combat power based character
Niche scenario where info of Errtel inserted to Pentagram may become invalid after extracting the Errtel from Pentagram
Mu Helper Plus improperly selected area located on different channel
Dying in Arenil Temple moved to Elbeland instead Arenil Temple safe zone
Improved overall optimization for AMD based processors
Sudden disconnects and random behavior of game client for selected players
General behavior of player in Offline Leveling mode is invalid
Random disconnect upon use of selected skills within specific criteria
Self defense getting activated when attacking Lord Silvester
Assign Helper and Party Move does not work on Bloody Tarkan map
Gremory sometimes does not open after Personal Store transaction
Black screen after joining the game using specific actions sequence
Improved Offline Leveling system by support of buff items
Meteor Storm skill does not work while in Offline Leveling

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