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Hunt Points

Hunt Points System

The purpose of this system is to add ability for players to improve their character by accomplishing special tasks and battle each other for more points.

Every player start with 10000 Hunt Points. They can be spent by killing monsters on predefined maps for each of the ability.

Increase Defense
Increase Mana
Increase HP
Increase HP Recovery
Increase Damage
Increase Wizardry
Increase Critical Damage
Increase Excellent Damage

Hunt Points can be obtained by 2 ways: killing monsters (PvM) and killing players (PvP).

Killing monsters (PvM):
For every 10 killed monsters 1 active Hunt Point added.

Available Maps for Hunt:
Aida 1-2
Kanturu Relics
Atlans 1-3
Tarkan 1-2
Kanturu 1-2
Karutan 1

Once player moves to the one of that map, he can hover the Hunt Point Buff and the information of ability that can be improved in this map will be displayed.
Maps attributes updated every 3 hours.

There daily limits on killed monsters.

Free Account - 10.000 monsters/day
VIP Account - 20.000 monsters/day

Weekly Activity:
If player was not active for a week (required to kill 5000 monsters minimum), than 5% of his Hunt Points will be turned into inactive.

Killing players (PvP):
Temporary disabled..

Useful commands:
/hunt - command which will show list of buffs and limits info
/hunt [charname] - command which will show list of buffs and limits info of desired player
/huntbattle - command which allows to enter in battle arena (hunt steal) (temporary disabled..)

(!) Hunt Point System is a new system on our server, so it will stay in BETA phase for some time. While in BETA, things may be changed, hope for understanding.

Posted 08/12/2023

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